Penny skateboard

A penny board is a plastic skateboard that comes with well-balanced components. It’s designed for beginners who want to explore the fun that comes with skateboarding. Since the boards were introduced into the market, they have become a huge phenomenon among the youth. Although some may have an old-school feel, you can still do tricks. That being said, we have searched far and wide on the best penny boards to personalize your skating experience. Let’s look at some of the best brands that are currently dominating the market.

Penny Nickel Boards

This is a modern trick penny skateboard. At 4 inches wide and 27-inches long, this board is a perfect cruiser to get you anywhere you need to go. It’s offered in different colors ranging from pink, red, green, calypso, and white. The 59 mm urethane wheels offer great traction. Learning to do tricks on Penny Nickel board can be a great adventure for beginners and experienced riders.


· It’s closer in terms of size to the modern trick skateboard

· The trucks curve smoothly

· It’s durable


· Too large for small kinds

· The stainless steel bearings are not so smooth

Skartro Mini Cruiser penny skateboard

This board is sturdy, trendy and precisely engineered with quality components. The mini cruiser measures 22 inches long, 6 inches wide. It’s fitted with 59mm wheels that are easy to maneuver. Best of all, the manufacturer has not compromised on quality. The 3-inch aluminum trucks and stainless steel bearings offer a smooth and fast ride. If you need more speed you can always upgrade the bearings. This is one of the most affordable penny skateboards in the segment.


· Can carry up to 220 pounds

· Offers reliable control

· It’s lightweight for young skaters to carry 


· Some skaters think it’s overly flexible 

Ridge Skateboards Big Brother Large Retro Cruiser

The Ridge penny board is perfect for beginners thanks to its unique combination of strength and flexibility. Its 5 inches longer and 1.5 inches wider compared to the original ridge board. Over the years, the brand has earned the reputation as one of the best penny boards for commuting. Although the board is based on 1970s iconic shape, it’s well-equipped with quality components. It’s designed for maneuvering in and out of traffic with ease.


· Comes with smooth riding wheels

· Features many color combinations

· Made from quality durable plastic 

· Very resistant to impacts


· Poor quality bearings

· Trucks cannot be adjusted

Stereo Vinyl cruiser penny board

This is one of the most respected penny skateboards. The plastic deck offers a great balance when cruising on it. In addition, its 59mm wheels give a great grip on the tarmac. For each Vinyl cruiser, the buyer gets a sticker pack and sunglasses. It’s offered in yellow, black, and blue colors. The well-constructed body will ensure your money is well spent.


· It’s fitted with smooth, quiet wheels

· Comes with a sticker pack to customize your ride

· Combines strength and flexibility perfectly 


– The wheels can chip under hard use


At first glance, almost every penny board on this list looks identical. However, with a little due diligence, you can always find one that suits your unique needs. For more penny board reviews go to