Air mattresses have become increasingly popular not only because of their abundant features but also because of their convenient prices. Unlike memory foam or latex beds that are ready to use, air mattresses are made of PVC which needs to be inflated before use. With air mattress, you can enjoy adjustable comfort levels, customized firmness and convenient portability. If you’re looking for the best air bed to replace your conventional mattress, then there are many brands and models you can choose from.

Here are top 3 best-selling mattresses you can find in the market:

1. Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Mattress

The Sound Asleep Dream Series is a queen-sized mattress that features multiple internal air coils for added durability, support and comfort. With its patented 1-click internal pump, you can enjoy fast inflation and/or deflation. It measures 78” x 58” x 19” when inflated, which is a convenient size for overnight quests, friends or relatives. The mattress also comes with an extra thick and waterproof flocked top for even greater comfort, durability and puncture-resistance.

Other notable features of the mattress include:

-Integrated cord storage to ensure the power cord remains neat and tidy
-Sure-Grip bottom that prevents unwanted sliding
-Carry bag for convenient storage and transportation

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2. Serta Raised With Never Flat Pump

The Serta NeverFlat is an extremely popular model from Serta that’s packed with many great features. It comes with a regular flocked or pillow top, which guarantees you more comfort. The mattress’ never-flat system can detect any pressure changes and silently add some air to keep the bed inflated. This Serta air mattress model is easy to set, convenient to store and easy to inflate.

Some of the key features of the mattress include:

-Built-in NeverFlat technology pumps that can inflate and deflate the mattress quickly
-Multi-chamber design for even distribution of weight
-Think vinyl construction that’s durable
-Deep pockets for easy tucking of sheets

3. Intex Comfort Plush Durabeam

The Intex Comfort Plush Durabeam is a queen-sized airbed that promises extreme comfort, excellent quality and increased durability. Raised to a generous height of 22”, the mattress is almost similar to a traditional bed but comes with plenty of added benefits. With its built-in high powered electric pump, you can inflate the bed to full-size in less than 5 minutes. You can adjust the bed’s firmness to your desired level with just a touch of the button. This airbed is only available in 60” x 80” x22” dimensions.

Benefits of using the Intex Comfort Plush:

– Easy storage and mobility
-Comes at a budget-friendly price
-It quality construction guarantees greater durability

Final Thoughts

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Open the valve cover. Most air mattresses have either a one-way air valve, or a simple hole on one side of the mattress. Locate this first and remove the cap. This is the only place you’ll want to pump air into it.

Start pumping air into. You can either do this yourself or with an air pump machine. Be aware, if you do this yourself, to take your time because you might air yourself out and KO.

Screw the latch back on. Once the mattress is finally filled with air, be sure to latch the hole back closed. Don’t want air seeping out during your slumber.

This is how to inflate an air mattress.